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I am so  excited and happy to announce my brand new series to this month. The Real Love + Life Series created and curated by C.K. Alexander, is a celebration of the three most important moments in anyone’s life- The moment you fall in love, the moment you commit your heart and life to one person and the moment you bring a new life into this world. The Real Love + Life Series aims to highlight these three stages, while promoting positive imagery and sharing inspirational love stories of real couples and their journey to creating their version of happily ever after. Check out our first Real Love + Life couple Hawzien and Keith, with amazing photos captured by From the Hip Photo!

More pics and their beautiful love story here:

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I hate how adults in my family treat children

Call me mean or strict or whatever but if I’m the adult in charge of a child I’m not going to sit there and beg that child to do what I’m asking of them

That baby talk and “come on let’s go I’ll get you some chicken nuggets” or…

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i just read someone say “african americans are the only black people. don’t get it confused”

this site gettin dumber with every keyboard stroke


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Little_Buddha _Wtm by Mohamed Rafi on Flickr.
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